Shio-Ramen is noodles in clear soup. It's a new taste with beef bone and seafood soup. Ebi-soba is noodles in soup stock made from raw deep-water shrimp. Abura-soba is soupless noodles(shrimp or chicken flavor). Ingredients are placed on top of it and a rich sauce is poured over the noodles. It is also a feature that there are many cooks in regulars.

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Tanrei shio ramen
Our signature dish. The soup cooked carefully is a confident product.


Ebi soba
"Ebi soba" is also popular in magazines. It is a gem full of flavor that has been roasted with deep water shrimp carefully.
Donburi with shio cow line meat
No.1 popular side dish. Try with "Shio Ramen" soup.