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We offer popular character clothes and carry bags and buggy cars that are convenient for going out.
It is possible to accompany your dog with Carry Bag.

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Basket bag arrival! !
☆ Light and breathable☆
 Our original basket bag has arrived. We offer bags made of breathable straw material such as the popular Disney and Snoopy design. Go out comfortably in the hot season ♪
Yukata for dogs
★ Very popular every year ★ ~Yukata for dogs has arrived~
There are many cute designs this year too! ♪ Some fabrics are treated with mosquito-proof and mite-proof. Cool yukata and yukata with cute frills! These are very popular, so we recommend early purchase ★
Cool ♪ ☆ Cool mat ☆
You can feel nice and cold even without putting it in the refrigerator!
 So very economical♪ Let's prepare before hot days♪ It is also useful when your dogs are the house sitting☆