Chiba Shimin Katsudo Shien Center

We were established in 1999 with the aim of revitalizing Chiba city center city area (150ha of the central city area activation basic plan created by Chiba city). Our member are shopping district and a company. We promote business cooperating with Chiba City and Chiba Chamber of Commerce for city area activation.
There are currently six subcommittees in this council. We are developing various businesses such as creating a guide map site that introduces the central city area, supporting events at Chuo Park, improving awareness of local history, culture, and traditions, beautification and conducting “town seminars” and “  “Eating and drinking walking events called Chibar”.

Twin Building No. 2 9th floor, 2-5-1, Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
Business time
9am-9pm (6pm on Sundays and holidays)
New Year holidays

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Chiba citizen vitality creation plaza entrance
The plaza entrance is a space for volunteer information. Recruitment of volunteers from groups and facilities is posted for each of the six wards. Near the enterance, two computers for search are installed. You can use Chiba City's comprehensive volunteer information site "Chibabora" to search for volunteers who have the desired date and time, location, and job description.
Chiba citizen vitality creation in Qiball
It is a place for exchange and presentation of registered organizations held every year. Visitors can visit exhibitions, stages and experience zones, touch on various activities and enjoy shopping. In 2012, more than 80 out of 570 organizations participated. The main exhibition this year is "Volunteers". Four volunteer-related facilities in Chiba-city gathered at Qiball.
One day consultation area

There are table seats that can be used for consultation, interviews, meetings with volunteers and activities. If available, anyone can use it. Please take a look at the materials, meet with the group, and interview the members.