Naniwaya Torizou Chibafujimiten

The specialty of our shop is the charcoal grilled chicken that does not stick to the skewer! As it is grilled while rolling around on wire net, every single chicken is so juicy. There are many other menus that make use of the taste of chicken. The staff full of personality entertains you with cheers and smiles. Why don't you spend a wonderful night together with is at Torizo?

Nanso Building 2F 2-13-5 Fujimi, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
Business time
17:00-6:00 (last order at 5:00)
Open everyday until morning!

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Store entrance
A big lantern is a landmark! ! It is the second floor up the stairs.
How about a banquet with sunken foot wormer? (Up to 28 people)
Charcoal grilled chicken
Roasted chicken excess fat and is smoked by the smoke of dripping fat burning.