Adumaan Honten

Azumaan is a long-established soba restaurant in Chiba Ginza street. Founded in 1931, we are one of the few long-established soba shops that have been loved by citizens before the war. The famous "cha soba" continues the same traditional taste before the war, and is popular with many regular customers every day. In the evening, while watching the old clock that has been working in the store for 113 years, it is a delightful place where regulars who drink Oohara Kido Izumi, a fine sake from Chiba which the Showa Emperor loved, gather. Besides, we have delicious sake and appetizers.

3-4-11 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
Business time
11: 00-20: 00

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Recommended product & shop commentary
The most popular "box soba"
The amount of buckwheat is large, the quail egg smoothes the soup and makes it great. It is the most popular.
Katsudon(Pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice) and small soba set
You can freely select and combine rice dish and small soba.
Curry Nanban(soba and pieces of chicken in a curry flavored soup) and half rice
Unique curry roux made by roasting old-fashioned curry powder with high-quality oil. Good balance with 4 kinds of bonito stocks. There are many fans. "Soba restaurant curry" is a specialty of our restaurant.