Takoyaki TAKO

Cheap and yummy! In the middle of Chiba, working hard in Sakae-cho! The most popular is "Neggi mori", which is Takoyaki served with sauce and Kujo green onion. Recommended for women "Negi-pon" Kujo green onion and ponzu. We have a strong preference for Tako and also Powder which is from Osaka! The green onions are Kyoto's Kujo green onions! ! Osaka authentic taste Takoyaki, please try! All the staff are looking forward to meeting many customers with smiles and energy.

37-6, sakaecho Chuo-ku, Chiba City
043-222-0818 We accept telephone reservations from 1 pack.
Business time
From 11:00 to 20:00 It is finished as soon as the material runs out after 20:00.
Open all year round! Open all year round without holidays.

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With green onion
The most popular! Enjoy with the crunchy Ku]jo leek ♪
Cheerful service for the customers.