Ichiran Chiba Cone-ten

[Commitment to the taste of natural pork bone broth ramen] 1.Natural pork bone soup. The natural pork bone soup which has no smell peculiar to pork bone soup. It is made by simmering in a cauldron a pork bone carefully selected by a dedicated craftsman and removing scum by its own technique. Our original recipe, which applies advanced technique in two stages of production and cooking, is know-how only for Ichiran. Please relish the proud soup that is completely odorless and contains only the original flavor of the pork bone. 2. Ichiran special raw noodles. It's crown of craftsmanship technique. Based on years of experience and technique, the noodle maker uses a unique blend of rare flour, and changes the composition slightly according to the weather, temperature and humidity of the day. Noodles for Ichiran, made with consideration given to compatibility with natural pork bone soup first. Please enjoy your favorite hardness. 3. Secret red soup. Secret "The Origin of Original Secret red soup". Aging who prepared 30 kinds of ingredients on the basis of pepper and laid it for many days and nights. Not only spice but also various tastes spread in the mouth. Ichiran is the originator of the red sauce in the middle of the ramen. 【Taste concentration system. Commitment to Taste] ) 1.The world's first "taste concentration counter" ("taste concentration system" patent acquisition: No. 4267981) "Taste concentration counter" which divides the both sides of the customer by a board. It is a system where you can concentrate on eating only ramen by the partitions on both sides. In our shop, you don't care too much, and by concentrating on the taste, we think that you can taste the real taste of the ramen in front of you to the ultimate. Please enjoy your favorite natural pork bone broth ramen in the best environment. 2. Order system. More than 12,000 combinations of tastes. This system contains the desire to have all the customers who have various tastes enjoy the convincing taste. Please choose the thickness of the taste, the degree of stiffness, the amount of garlic, the type of green onion, with or without the barbecued pork, the amount of secret sauce, the hardness of the noodles according to your preference. Of course, the basic taste is not without confidence. In our shop, for the first time customers, we recommend "all other basic amount with green onion and barbecued pork". If you don't like hot spiciness, please eat the secret sauce "No" or "Half". 3. Top up of noodles system. The real pleasure of Hakata ramen is top up of noodles. We have prepared a tag for order so that you can enjoy the top up of noodles at any time you want. If you place this tag, which has been exchanged for a top up of noodles ticket, on the call button on each seat, the sound of the Chalmera will sound and the employee will bring you a top up of noodles.

Chiba Shopping Center C-one 2-24-1 Fujimi, Chuo-ku, Chiba City
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10: 00- 6:00
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Natural pork bone broth ramen (since its foundation)
Founded in 1960, this restaurant specializes in natural pork bone broth ramen and was born in Hakata. To remove the peculiar scum and smell of tonkotsu and extract only the flavor, and to make homemade noodles that have a fragrant aroma that passes through the nose as you bite, the red pepper-based matured sauce and secret red sauce add deep taste. Perfect for closing dish after drinking. (790 yen)
Ichiran special raw noodles
The best part of Hakata ramen, a top up of noodles. Hakata's unique system that leaves soup in advance and easily replaces only noodles. You can enjoy the flavor and texture of the noodles. Place a top up of noodles tag on the button in front of you and place an order at your best timing. (160 yen)
Selected locality, juvenile jewel egg. Soft-boiled egg
Boiled eggs are said to have the effect of completely eliminating the taste that has remained in the mouth and sharpening the taste of the next thing to be eaten. By eating it first, the taste will be further sharpened and the taste of ramen can be tasted more vividly and deeply. (100 yen)