Italian Pasta MARINE

A wide variety of pasta, PIZZA, a dish of rice and cheese baked gratin-style called doria, and risottos that use raw ingredients. In night time, enjoy beer, wine, and Amagi Sake (Japanese sake) with “carpuccio of bream” and beef on a plate with fried pasta with a unique seasoning as a side order.


35-8 Shindencho, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
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11:30~15:00 17:30~22:00(L.O21:30)

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Recommended product & shop commentary
Dinner set
An good value set. Salad + drink = 380. You can choose a set drink. For wine plus 80. Ok to Change to Cappuccino or Chai Latte.
King Crab Carbonara
The one that we chaged usual Carbonara into luxury. The taste has also become luxurious. ¥1280.
Risotto with plenty of seafood
It is a risotto with the deliciousness of seafood. The photo shows tomato taste, but you can enjoy it with squid ink sauce. ¥1150.