Since our establishment in 1984, we continue to want to deliver delicious coffee to our customers, and we continue to protect the same deep aroma and rich from the beginning.
We roasted selected coffee beans wiith Bincho charcoal fire and extracted with a Swiss-made Egro coffee machine. Above all, Coco House original charcoal fire royal blend (¥ 480) is recommended. Please taste it.

Chiba Shopping Center C-one 2-25-1 Fujimi, Chuo-ku, Chiba City
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Charcoal Fire Royal Blend & Petit Soft ice cream ¥580
Coco House Original Charcoal fire Royal Blend (¥480) and Petit Soft ice cream(¥160) are recommended as a set.
Charcoal fire coffee soft ice cream ¥600
Soft ice cream with charcoal fire coffee mixed with good quality vanilla soft ice. 
30% less calories compared to our Royal Creamy Soft (Vanilla).
Hotdog ¥580
Hot dock, mini salad and mini ice cream
Hotdog, mini salad and mini ice cream. There are also toast and honey toast.