Yosaburo no mame

With the motto of “always freshly made” since our establishment, we have a large selection of excellent local products made in Chiba Prefecture, mainly peanuts produced in Chiba Prefecture. In particular, we manage peanuts and sweets made from beans constantly from cultivation at our contract farms to processing at our own factories and sales at company stores. Please use the delicious peanuts which is a special product of Chiba Prefecture, as a gift and a souvenir of Chiba. We also have directly-managed stores in Sogo Chiba.

3-16-5 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
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2nd Wednesday

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Peanuts are roasted with pods, and are a typical specialty of Chiba. We are proud of sweetness and fragrance.
Sweet cooked peanut
Cook slowly and slowly soak in molasses. Peanut taste is alive in the refreshing sweetness.
It is peanut Amanatto that takes time and effort. It is finished with the traditional manufacturing method. "Ama nankin" is a registered trademark of our company.