Chibamegane Chibaginza-ten

The main office of Chiba Megane, which has been established for 53 years. It is an optician specialized in community-based. Currently, the shop is separated from bifocal eyeglasses shop in the Chiba twin building across the street. We have been patronized by many customers as a casual eyeglass specialty shop in Chiba Ginza. You can surely find your favorite one in the lineup with our abundant frames and various brands. There are customers who come to purchase all the way from outside prefecture because of the large assortment.
In addition, we carry out expansion of the junior frame corner from the last year's renovation, and we are proud of the number of glasses for children as well as adults for the top class in the prefecture. And we also offer a free up-to-date two-year free warranty lens for children with rapidly changing vision. Techniquw, knowledge, and real-life experienced SS-class certified opticians are here, so please feel free to call us if you have trouble with glasses. On our website, there is a wealth of information that customers can refer to, such as valuable information and servic details, and voices from our customers.

2-2-7 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
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1F for kids
We have about 200 frames for kids that are top class in the prefecture. Parents who want their children to wear something they like or wear cute glasses are a must-see area.
1F bargains floor
Bargain sets that you can buy with lenses are lined up. 5,000 yen, 7,000 yen, 9,000 yen, 4 types of 15,800 yen, we offer a total of about 600 products. The 15,800 yen set includes ultra-thin lenses for free, so it is very affordable for high number spectacles users.
2F brand name goods floor
We offer many frames which are popular and not handled by other stores. Even if you think "I don't look good with my glasses ...", you can always find your favorite frame. We look forward to your visit with all the staff.