We offer a wide range of products and services that will help you live a healthy and rich life as a specialist in care products and sticks. We always keep in mind to offer sale and rental of equipment, as well as housing repair such as installation of handrails and home-visit care service. We are working hard as a store that is supported by everyone in the area, and the pleasure of all of you is the pleasure of our staff.

Chiba Shopping Center C-one, 2-25-1 Fujimi, Chuo-ku, Chiba City
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Walking stick
Supports the enjoyment of walking with security and comfort. The walking stick is transformed into a chair and an umbrella. We have a lot of goods that are perfect for you who are a fashionable person.
Shopping cart
Light and small compact type. Easy-to-push, easy-to-walk, luggage-filled type, colorful, fashionable and fun walk shopping.
Healthy and comfortable shoes
Feel the joy of walking and the pleasure of walking, and help you get even better. There are 4E wide shoes and even 9E wide shoes. Find the right one.