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In our shop, you can find items that can be active in your lifestyle, such as casual, elegance, formal and business scene. We have a wide selection of various brands including Fizz Lein in genuine leather brand and Jelly Beans in synthetic leather brand.

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"Fizzleen" genuine leather pumps ¥ 10,290 (tax included) 4.5cm heel
The insole has low rebound and the heel is made of a material that makes it difficult to sound. The sole absorbs shocks and has a load distribution function, making it less tiring even when worn for a long time.
Genuine leather wedge casual shoes ¥ 10,290 (tax included) 4.5cm in height
Perfect for long walks. Comfortable support insole enhances stability and reduces impact. The arch cushion fits gently on the sole.
Strap pumps (synthetic leather) ¥ 7,245 (tax included) 7.5cm heel
Design that can be active in the formal scene. Pearl motif is elegant and perfect for dresses. Since there is a strap on the ankle, it does not come off during walking, so it is safe.